World of Valiant Writing: 1/16/12  

The Brothers Duomazov have seemingly disappeared into the sunset, but they left an eternal love song that we can all enjoy. Be sure to check it out, and check out the entire back catalog of write-ups while you’re at it; in the meantime, I’ll be hoping for a grandiose return!

On the other side of the internet, the Gay Gamer continues to post articles nearly every day. The latest is about Rhythm Heaven Fever, and he’s linked to two versions of a “wrestler interview” sequence from the game. I definitely prefer the Japanese version. Female interviewers in Japan use a pandering style (asking fluff questions and repeatedly saying things like “sugoi desu ne” as though they’re constantly impressed by the subject’s responses), so the mini-game comes off as a cute mockery of Japanese celebrity reporting. Meanwhile, the English version has the interviewer saying “whoa, you go, big guy”, a phrase that I’ve never heard in an interview.

Moar Powah also updates frequently, and they’ve got some interesting articles posted this week. One in particular that caught my eye was their first impressions of the anime series “Another”. This show looks creepy! I also like the character designs and color choice; this is one of those things I’m eager to see in motion.

Kid Fenris has proven his oldschool valor again with an insightful look at The Guardian Legend’s “story”. With a few brief lines of text, the game succinctly explained the setting and established an atmosphere — such a difference from the modern gaming world and its need for “narrative progression”!

And then Kimimi blessed us with a series of entries on Code Age Commanders. I had never heard of the game, but it looks like something I would enjoy. And then she explains that there’s also an artbook and a manga! It certainly seems Square-Enix went to a lot of effort for this PS2 game. This no doubt preceded their eventual business decision to primarily focus on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.