• Langrisser (Saturn)

    After sitting out on 2014, we’ve returned with an article about one of the games that makes the Sega Saturn so cool.

    Espiga’s Busy November

    In the realm of videogames, November 2013 was not a particularly eventful month. Here’s a brief look at how Espiga spent his time during the pre-Christmas gaming drought.

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Neo Geo)

    In many ways, it’s hard to believe that Garou is as old as it is.

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    Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox)

    Ancient texts tell of a golden age when Tecmo had the touch, when their games lit our darkest hours.

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    Resident Evil: Revelations (Wii U)

    “If you want to learn the truth, then you’ll have to face your fears. Surviving to tell the world . . . now that’s something else altogether.”

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    Robo-Aleste (Sega CD)

    What’s that you heard — “the Sega CD didn’t have great games”? My friend, you’ve heard wrong.

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    Dark Falz invasion: Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita)

    Whether you call him Profound Darkness, Dark Force, Dark Phallus, or Dark Falz, this guy never seems to die!

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F (PS3)

    If you’ve been following UZW for any length of time, then you shouldn’t be surprised that I enjoyed Project Diva F.

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    Asura’s Wrath (Xbox 360)

    Asura’s Wrath was one of the more interesting releases of 2012. It’s Japan’s absurd take on the modern trend of sacrificing “game” for “narrative progression”.

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    First Impressions: Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita)

    I missed the excitement of actually playing Phantasy Star Online online, so I’m trying to make up for that with the sequel. Now that I’ve created a decent character, it’s definitely living up to expectations.

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